Millennium Falcon blueprint reveals all

Did you ever want to know all the compartments inside of the Millennium Falcon? Well, now you can find out what Han Solo and Chewbacca did in their spare time inside of the famous freighter. A blueprint for the Millennium Falcon finally unveils all.

What's the verdict? The Millennium Falcon seems to skimp on the necessities. Come on, there are only five oxygen masks? That's it? Only four vacuum suits? What happens when you have an emergency, need to escape and there are more than four passengers? Chewy dies right?

We see an area named "Grill" but we doubt that is for hyperspace munching. For such a huge ship, we thought there would be more things to indulge in. Hopefully, Princess Leia managed to make some changes like adding in a jacuzzi or a water bed.

Furious Fanboys, via Jalopnik

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