MicroSD equipped watch ensures you always have your critical info

All of us have essential information that we might need access to when we're far from home. This watch, with a built in MicroSD card reader, makes sure that you're prepared no matter where you happen to be.

This isn't the first flash memory equipped watch we've seen, but this one does include a flip out USB reader, so at least you won't be searching for an adapter.

Most connected people tend to have a lot of information that they might need to access unexpectedly. What if you're overseas and you lose your wallet? Wouldn't it be great to have a place where you could store credit card numbers, your passport number, online passwords, and a host of other information that could help to get you out of a jam? Sure you could always keep this stuff in your smart phone, but what if that's the thing you happen to lose, or if it gets dropped in the sink at the airport? That's clearly a more likely scenario than losing the watch off your wrist.

Heck, you could even store pictures of your kids in there for that time someone you run into wants to see them, or your medical records just in case you get sick far from home.

I think this is a great idea, and at $16 (not including the MicroSD card) it's kind of a bargain.

Think Geek, via Geek Alerts

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