Marshall headphones will rock your world, in a personal way

No other brand name brings to mind thoughts of loud rock 'n' roll quite like Marshall. Now the brand that brought screaming electric guitar to crowds of thousands in stadiums, wants to deliver that same sound directly to you, with the first headphones to carry the iconic Marshall name.

Whether it's Jimi Hendrix thrusting his guitar into a Marshall stack, or Nigel Tufnel's amp that "goes to eleven", this brand just oozes loud heavy rock. The headphones carry the tradition forward, and feature the same Marshall script logo as the amplifiers.

Two models are available, the on-ear Majors for $99, and the $59 in-ear Minors which appear to be already sold out on day one. I expect they'll be making more soon.

Marshall Headphones, via Geek Alerts

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