Magical pellets turn pigeon feces into soap for car cleaning goodness

Pigeons are one of mankind's greatest scourges — they're dirty, ugly and crap on you from perched above that you can't even see which one did the deed. A design firm has created a new system of feeding pigeons that will essentially convert pigeon waste into detergent.

So what are the pigeons eating? According to Tuur Van Balen, the designers of the special mixture, it's a "feeding containing some bacteria that can modify the metabolism of pigeons and turn their feces into detergent." Tuur Van Balen even goes as far as describing it as "like yogurt for humans." You sure about that?

I guess you can call this somewhat of a "green" matter. It's basically recycling turd, only without needing a machine. I liken Tuur Van Balen's feeding system to something like that Blest Machine that turns plastic into oil or turning waste into heat power.

In urban locales such as New York City or Chicago, this wouldn't be such a bad idea. Think about it, next time a pigeon takes a dump on your car windshield, you could just whip out a spray bottle filled with water and a squeegee and get cleaning.

Got that image in your head? Now imagine if you never had to buy detergent ever again — that in the future, you might be washing your dishes, clothes and perhaps even yourself with soap generated from a special bird cage on your windowsill. I'm stuck between creeped and excited just thinking about it.

Tuur Van Balen, via Abitare

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