London to replace its iconic big red bus with a green one

It's still big. It's still a bus. And, well, it's still got the red paint, but on the inside it's all green. When the New Bus hits the streets of London, it'll bring a decidedly modern air to the venerable city in its looks as well as in the technology it employs.

Right now, the city of London uses a mix of its famous double-decker buses — which run on diesel fuel — and a small fleet of hybrid ones. The New Bus, which has yet to be named, is a hybrid itself would produce a whopping 40% less carbon dioxide than the former thanks to its more modern innards. The buses probably won't hit the streets until sometime in 2012, though, and even then in small numbers.

The city of London's mayor, Boris Johnson (pictured with the bus), has pumped over $16 million into developing the New Bus, which has caused some controversy as some see it as little more than a vanity project. The Mayor, however, contends that the bus will not only set new standards for green transportation, but overall improve thee commuter experience.

It may have a new look, but you can definitely see the old Routemaster's influence in the design. We're not so sure about those seat covers, however — have a look in the gallery below.

Via The Guardian

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