Lamborghini notebook promises speedy computing

Lamborghini makes some of the fastest cars on the planet, so if you're introducing a line of fast notebooks, it kind of makes sense to co-brand them with the Lamborghini name.

The Asus Eee VX6 and VX7 both have Lambo-centric styling cues, especially around the rear where the twin cooling vents look a whole lot like the rear end of a Lamborghini Murciélago.

Just as with the car, the real goodies are under the hood however. Both models include USB 3.0 and Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity, and are powered by processors ranging from a 1.8GHz dual core Atom in the VX6, to an Intel i7 with up to 16GB of RAM in the VX7. Both include an LED backlit HD screen, while some versions also have a Blu-ray player.

Having all of that power should help you to stay ahead of the competition, especially that guy with the Ferrari notebook.

The Asus Lamborghini notebooks are launching first in Europe, with prices starting around $800.

Via Electronista

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