It's not Thanksgiving without 3D printed turkey, laser etched ham

Cooking a turkey this evening? That's so 1621. Nowadays, the cool thing to do is to print your turkey with a food extruder, and decorate your ham with festive laser etchings.

Printed turkey sounds kinda gross, but apparently it's made from real turkey and tastes basically the same. Somehow, and I don't want to know exactly how, a turkey gets "reduced to an extrudable form" and then sucked up into a syringe. The syringe is hooked up to a machine that squirts out the turkey goo into whatever 3D form you want, and deep-frying it sets the shape. By using multiple syringes with different flavors of goo, you can even create new meat combinations that have never before existed in nature. Just imagine the possibilities.

Laser etching ham is a much easier (and more attractive) process; all it takes is a laser engraver, some meat, and creativity. If you want to take a crack at making either of these dishes, the 3D extrusion printer is an open source design, and you can find cheap laser etching services online, although whether they'll be willing to work with your raw slabs of meat is another matter entirely.

Via Ponoko

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