Is Verizon really reviving the Kin One and Two dumphones?

We already told you before why Microsoft's Kin One and Two were destined for failure. Then Verizon canned it almost three months after its launch. Who could blame them? The phones looked like they were designed for 10-year olds. Now a leaked file indicates that the Kin brothers are coming back.

Supposedly, the Kin One and Kin Two will come without a data plan, something the original versions required. Although the Kin phones were not smartphones, it did feature heavy social network integration. Mashable speculates that Verizon may just be trying to clear out unsold inventory.

With Windows Phone 7 smartphones out of the gate and looking pretty neat, why on earth would Verizon revive these dead rocks? Any idea?

PPCGeeks, via Mashable

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