iOS 4.2 brings AirPlay to Apple devices, multitasking and more to the iPad

Today, Apple rolled out the new iOS 4.2 updates for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. In addition to bringing Find My iPhone to newer devices for free, it brings AirPlay to all and, finally, multitasking, folders and a unified inbox to the iPad.

AirPlay is really great if you happen to have an Airport Express or a new Apple TV. It allows you to stream music to your stereo or videos and photos to your TV directly from your device. Got a song on your phone you really want your friends to hear? Just select your speakers and it'll play right over them instantly. It's amazing.

And as for the new iPad features, if you've been rocking an iPhone and an iPad, you know how annoying the lack of these abilities are on your tablet when you've been using them for months on your phone. So! At long last, you have your unified inbox, you have your folders so you no longer need 10 pages of apps and you have multitasking. You also have a switch on the side that acts as a mute rather than orientation lock; to do that, double tap the home button, swipe to the right and switch it on or off there.

The updates are available via iTunes right now, so go ahead and plug your gadgets in and get updatin'.