Impressive Starship Enterprise model flies through water, not hyperspace

Star Trek's Starship Enterprise flies through space. Yokosuka Dry Docks' Enterprise doesn't have the necessary rocket boosters, so it does the next best thing — pretend to be a submarine.

This ridiculously detailed model is remote-controlled and has cool lights that can be activated in the deep blue sea, or your swimming pool. You know, whichever one is more convenient. When you spend all your time and money building such an awesome submarine replica shaped as the Starship Enterprise, you kind of want to keep it away from man-eating piranhas…

Not being able to read Japanese, we weren't able to find any information on how deep this thing can dive down to. Regardless, this is some amazing stuff — apparently Yokosuka Dry Docks even makes submarine models of other starships such as the Millennium Falcon! We want that one!

Technabob, via Likecool/a> and Yokosuka Dry Docks

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