Interactive projectors bring Legos to life with special effects

Intel's been messing around with Kinect-style 3D cameras lately. Using object recognition and projectors, they've come up with a system that does the imagining for you while you're playing with Legos.

The system is called OASIS, which stands for Object Aware Situated Interaction System. Using cameras that detect both depth and objects, OASIS can tell where your hands are and what else is on the table. Depending on what you're doing, projectors kick in to add special effects.

So if you're playing with Legos and OASIS sees your Lego dragon get too close to your Lego house, it sets the house on fire, and you'll need to bring your Lego firetruck over to put out the flames. Meanwhile, screaming Lego figures run frantically from the blaze right into the waiting jaws of the Lego dragon until a Lego aircraft carrier shows up to blast it into a smoldering pile of bricks.

Okay, so maybe that last bit isn't programmed in yet. But when it is, will you even need an imagination anymore? All you have to do is put pieces together, and OASIS will tell you what happens. If you want to imagine something different, tough, it's already projected onto the table. Sorry kids, but OASIS doesn't think that you should be picturing Lego dragons devouring hapless minifigs... You'll just have have to go imagine that one the old fashioned way.

Watch OASIS in action, dragons and all, in the video below.

Via Intel Labs Seattle

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