Hacking Kinect complete: playing Super Mario Bros. with your body is a go-go

You probably already know this, but Super Mario Bros. turned 25 this year. What better way to commemorate the anniversary, than with a Kinect hack that uses your entire body to squash Goombas and defeat Bowser to save Princess Peach?

A gadget like the Kinect might get hacked in just a week's time, but it's not properly hacked until it can emulate Super Mario Bros. A programmer by the name of yankeyan didn't want to take the easy road and program a simulated keypad that he could press with his hands. That would be absolutely boring.

Now, using full body gestures? That's more like it. As you can see in this video, to make Mario jump, you need to jump. To move left, you need to move left, etc. The entire setup runs on a NES emulator for Windows and the open source Kinect driver, OpenKinect.

It's somewhat primitive, but boy, did we never see this coming. We doubt Mario's creator, Shigeru Miyamoto saw this one coming either. Who knew that it would take 25 years to finally be able to be the little Italian plumber himself.

YouTube - yankeyan, via Neatorama

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