Hacked Kinect spawns pseudo-3D holographic video

The floodgates for Kinect hacks have officially opened. We already saw one guy bring Minority Report-style photo manipulation using a Kinect sensor. Now we have another dude who has created a 3D holographic video with the same tech.

YouTube user okreylos hacked Kinect to create a "holographic" image by combining the color and depth from the camera's sensors. While it's not a real hologram, more like pseudo-holographic, the hack does look promising.

As you can see from the video below, the camera can't capture parts it can't see — namely the back of the guy's head or the left side of his body. However, with a little more time and tinkering, it's theoretically possible that some piece of software can "fill" in the rest of his body where the camera can't see. It's rather blobby right now, but it's interesting to see what hackers are trying to do with Kinect's tech.

YouTube - okreylos, via Gizmodo

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