Get every issue of Playboy on this teeny-weeny hard drive

It's taken a while, but Playboy has finally followed National Geographic's lead, by making every issue of the iconic magazine available in digital form. So now you can finally toss out that steamer trunk full of soft-core porn you've been hauling around since college.

The 250 GB drive runs a cool $300, which is pretty expensive as hard drives go, but a positive bargain compared to buying the 687 individual issues or even a 57 year subscription. It's also a lot more interesting than that Playboy cellphone.

So why did Playboy wait so long to put this out? My only guess is that they thought a hard drive would sound much sexier than issuing it on a bunch of floppies. I may put this on my Christmas list, but of course I want it only for the articles.

RegHardware, via

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