Finally, a 'real' car built for extremely short people

As much as we'd like for everyone to be five-feet ten and taller, we have to come to grips with reality — there are a lot of short people walking around the globe. Volkswagen is messing around with the idea of miniaturizing its cars to possibly draw attention to building smaller cars for people who are short.

The Mini-Gol is designed for people who are five-feet and under. It's about 30% of the size of a regular full-sized Volkswagen Gol and can reach a top speed of almost 17 miles per hour. The entire vehicle is just a little over seven-feet long. To sum the Mini-Gol in one word: adorable.

Only two Mini-Gols have been, both of which are paraded around at auto shows in Brazil. Whether or not Volkswagen has plans to mass produce these is uncertain, but something tells us it wouldn't be too safe if these were driven on the roads of America. All those gas-guzzling Hummers would flatten the Mini-Gol in seconds.

Auto Motto, via Likecool

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