Exiting DVICE

For the past five years, I've been editor of Syfy's technology site, this thing you're reading called DVICE. Yep, I'm the guy responsible for all those typos and grammatical errors you see from time to time (prepositions were never my strong suit). But I'm also responsible for the site's character and how it covers technology, something I'm very proud of. Today is my last day as DVICE Editor.

Since DVICE first launched in January 2006 (without even a name — it was simply called "SCI FI Tech" until November 2007), the site has done its best to look at today's most interesting tech from a different perspective than other sites. Instead of just passing on information about the latest cool gadget or big breakthrough, we distill what it means and imagine how it's going to affect our lives five, 10 or 50 years down the road. We take a realistic look at anything with a big "WOW" factor, and we do it with a bit of humor (sometimes more than a bit). At its best, DVICE is the first draft of the future.

It's been a fantastic job to oversee a site that's immersed in that kind of wonder on a daily basis. But the journey would have been a lot more difficult and a lot less fun if I didn't have an immensely talented crew of contributors. Without fail, they spot the best tech stories, break them down, reassemble them in the DVICE machine, and write about them in less time than it probably took you to read this paragraph. They're that good. They actually might be robots.

Hats off to the gang at Syfy for being incredibly supportive. DVICE simply wouldn't exist without them, or if it did it would look like your cat-loving aunt Tabitha's blog on WordPress, just with worse graphics. The Syfy team makes everything shiny and nice, and it's been an honor to work with such consummate pros — especially since they're all really, really good looking.

Obviously, DVICE isn't going anywhere (just me… over to PCMag, if you're curious), and that's great news. The site's in good hands, and its best years are doubtlessly ahead of it. I look forward to encountering its stories as a reader. When some bit of tech news hits, I'll be asking, "What does DVICE think of this?" That's really the question I've always been hoped you, the readers, would ask, so if you ever have, you should know that you've helped make my time here worthwhile. Thanks for that.

Take care of yourself, DVICE — see you in the comments!

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