Doorknob shows you what's in the next room

Doors are scary. You have no idea what's on the other side. Pirates? Ninjas? Zombies? Now you can take a peek at this special doorknob and make sure there's nothing on the other side that will kill you or eat your brain.

Door handle manufacturer LEVER teamed up with designer Hideyuki Nakayama to create this glass doorknob that displays a fuzzy round image of the room on the other side. The knob looks to be a passive system: there's no fancy projectors or anything, it just works by using glass to pipe light from one side through to the other.


The bulb is currently on display in Tokyo with no word on production, but you might not want one anyway. Remember, if you can see whatever's in the other room, whatever's in the other room can probably see you too.

Spoon Tamago, via MocoLoco, via Gizmodo

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