Does young, digital Jeff Bridges do it for you in this new Tron trailer?

Disney's Tron Legacy features two characters played by Jeff Bridges — one old and wise, the other angry and digital. I've never quite decided whether I like the somewhat putty-faced look of the latter, but this new action-packed trailer features plenty of both.

Of course we the audience know that the digitized Dude isn't real, but I've always kind of excused it as, "Well, that's just how he looks in Tron-land." Yet in this trailer we see him interacting with his son during a flashback and — barring the fact that it could be some computer-generated hallucination or some such — the movie is at that point asking us to buy into this digital construct.

I'm still torn, dear reader, but in the end maybe it doesn't even matter: all those shiny neon lights are enough to win me over. That, and Daft Punk.

See it for yourself down below.

Apple Trailers, via Kotaku

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