DNA portrait lets people learn about your family history

Most people have a few family photos around the house so that guests can see some of their family history. That's fine, but why not give them a real history lesson with a DNA portrait that lets them download the whole story.

We saw those beautiful DNA Mini Portraits a couple of years back that let you have an image of your own DNA by your bedside. Now maker DNA 11 has taken this idea to a new level, with pictures that are actually scannable 2D barcodes. Anyone who scans the image with a smartphone, gets linked to a personal website set up by DNA 11 where all of your ancestral details are revealed.

If you want to get a DNA Ancestry Portrait for yourself, DNA 11 will send you a DNA sample kit, which has some swabs that you use to get a DNA sample from your cheek. Return the sample to DNA 11, and a couple of weeks later your website will be complete and the scannable DNA Ancestry Portrait will arrive.

The DNA Ancestry Portraits are available in 3 sizes and 24 color combinations, with prices starting at $440.

DNA 11, via Born Rich

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