Crazy gun safe lets you organize your frighteningly huge arsenal

If you plan to start a revolution, you're going to need weapons, lots of weapons. Of course you don't want just leave them lying all over the house, so may I suggest a Revolver gun safe from Pendleton Valuables Management.

The biggest models can store 54 pistols and 40 rifles, which is probably more firepower than most of those crazed militia groups who wear camo gear and go training out in the woods usually have on hand.

What's coolest of all, is that the weapons all sit on a motorized rotating rack, which kind of reminds of those spinning cake displays you see in old-style diners. The interior is illuminated with 400 LEDs, so you'll know exactly what you've got in there, while a dehumidifying system keeps them dry.

If you're looking for a place to store your own huge weapons collection, the Pendleton King 3272 gun safe is available now for $6795.

Pendleton Valuables Management, via Core 77

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