Cowon brings glasses-free 3D to its personal media players

In an iPod and iPhone world, hasn't the personal media player (PMP) already gone the way of the dodo? Korea's Cowon, purveyors of endless PMPs is looking to follow in Nintendo's footsteps and help kick-start the glasses-free 3D movement with the Cowon 3D.

Touted as the "first 3D PMP," the Cowon 3D is going places where no other PMP has gone before — the glasses-free 3D zone. Full 1080p high definition video can be played back on the Cowon 3D and output when hooked up to an HDTV. All of today's essential tasks such as web browsing, reading ebooks, viewing photos, listening to music and watching videos are present.

We just have one question. Is the Cowon 3D automagically converting regular 2D content to 3D? Or is the 3D part, applicable only to 3D-enabled movies?

Specs include a 4.3-inch screen with a resolution of 800 x 480, a battery that should run up to 10-hours and two storage capacities of 32GB and 64GB.

The Cowon 3D will be available in December for about $430 for the 32GB model and $510 for the 64GB. Better start saving up those pennies if you really can't wait for the Nintendo 3DS.

Cowon, via Wired

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