Concrete PC case mod looks good next to a fire hydrant

Daniel HeiBe doesn't make slick-as-glass PC case mods. Oh no, this guy wants to make PC case mods that will make you do a double take. That's why he's made one of the most ridiculous case mods we've ever laid eyes on — a PC made of concrete.

HeiBe made the concrete PC as part of a case mod contest. The entire undertaking looks pretty impressive from a construction perspective, but we can't help but think this thing would totally clash with our home decor. The only thing that truly matches concrete is asphalt or a fire hydrant. We doubt you have either of those in your home, unless you do.

Dude's past mods included a tree trunk PC, a sine curve-shaped PC and one that resembles a small sail with 24-carat leaf gilding. Yeah, HeiBe is weird alright.

The Best Case Scenario, via Technabob

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