Columbia radiation expert says TSA scanners 'likely to cause cancer'

Traveling for the holiday? Well, when presented with a choice between a full-body scanner and being felt up by a TSA employee, you might want to choose the latter. That's because a Columbia University radiation expert says that those scanners are "likely" to cause cancer.

The expert, from Columbia's Center for Radiological Research, has this to say about the scanners:

"If most air travelers went through these X-ray scanners, then it is indeed quite likely that there would be some number of cancers produced by the radiation. Skin cancers are a particular concern, because the low-energy X-rays used in these scanners deposit a significant fraction of their total dose in the skin. In general, children are more sensitive than adults to radiation, and that's true for the endpoint of radiation-related skin cancer too."
Hoo boy. Happy traveling!

WorldNetDaily via Consumerist

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