Circuit board ceramic speaker is artsy, dangerously thin

Here's something you don't get to see everyday: a speaker that is thinner than Apple's teensiest iPod Shuffle. This ceramic speaker isn't all about shedding the weight, it's also so beautiful in circuit design that we'd hang this thing on our walls if we had one.

As part of a collaboration between Kanagawa-based potter Mitsuke Masagasu and the Japanese design firm Nendo, the ceramic speaker is a beauty to behold. The speaker is a mere one millimeter thin and made of ceramic substrate.

You'd think that the speaker's audio caliber would take a nosedive right? Not so, the speaker is crafted to produce high-quality sound. That's good to hear, because the last thing we want is a tinny speaker blasting out Gameboy music. Actually, that wouldn't be too bad either.

Hey Nendo, how about mass producing these? We know that it's art and that as so, it should be all exclusive and everything, but we want one, badly.

Nendo, via We Heart

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