Cadillac's Aera car concept would definitely fit Spider-Man's style

This Cadillac weighs 1000-pounds. Designed as part of LA Auto Show's 1000-pound challenge, the Aera looks more molecular than vehicular. Spider-Man would save a lot of web-fluid if he had one.

The Aera has a frame that is crafted with a "3D lattice" in mind. That said, the lattice looks almost web-like. If Spider-Man had his own ride it would probably look like this. Batman would be quite jealous.

Cool facts for the concept car: it only needs to be refueled once every thousand miles and it runs on a compressed air engine that is similar to NASA's Mars Rover. Lastly, the car uses a wireless system to cut out heavy electrical components. Maybe throw in a few iPads?

Warning: drooling at the gallery below will occur.

LA Auto Show, via Designboom

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