BMW-designed subway car looks red hot, but it's green inside

You have to love BMW's design group. The company already has the goods when it comes to crafting cars, but its DesignworksUSA never ceases to amaze when it tackles other projects, too. Just take a look at the Inspiro, a train for Poland that's modern in more than just its looks.

The Inspiro could be rolling along the tracks of Warsaw during or around 2012, and when it does it'll boast a spacious interior, large displays for showing maps and more information, and a lightweight chassis made from aluminum that cuts down on energy consumption. That aluminum body also makes for another impressive stat: the train cars should be 97.5% recyclable.

The interior is just as sweet. Take a look at the Tron lighting on those doors, and the way the handrail breaks off into several branches up top.


DesignworksUSA, via FastCo Design, via Auto Motto

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