Big brother trailers can nail drivers for five different offences

If you're sick of those red light and speed cameras that seem to be popping up everywhere, you should hope that your local community doesn't start rolling out these super snooper trailers that are starting to pop up in Europe.

In addition to the familiar speed camera, the trailers have a 3D camera that can determine whether you're wearing your seat belt, and if you're tailgating the car ahead of you. If that wasn't intrusive enough, the trailers also read your license plate, and can figure out if your registration is expired or insurance is lapsed.

The project is called ASSET, which stands for Advanced Safety and driver Support for Essential road Transit. That's quite a mouthful, but the project's website is even worse, with lots of mumbo-jumbo about "Holistic System Design" and "Natural Mobility", but nothing about how much money this is expected to bring in.

ASSET is currently being tested in Finland, with plans to introduce it across Europe over the next couple of years. I just hope it doesn't come to the USA.

Project ASSET, via Daily Mail

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