Battery-powered 32-inch HDTV borders on 'portable'

How large does an HDTV need to get before it's considered too big to be labeled portable? Personally, I'd say the sweet spot for a portable tube would be no larger than 19-inches (diagonal). Toshiba, makers of all things non-mainstream is introducing a new line of battery-operated HDTVs.

The engineers at Toshiba seem to have missed the memo on sizing, but that's okay. Toshiba's 24-inch and 32-inch PowerTVs will make the perfect companion in the event of an electrical blackout — that is, for two hours after going dark. Well, that's two more hours of Mad Men I suppose.

Most battery-powered 'portable' TVs are optimized to play for hours due to their small screens, but a 32-inch HDTV running on a rechargeable battery, spitting out high-definition video isn't exactly going to last very long. Toshiba didn't reveal whether these LED TVs are capable of cranking out 720p or 1080p — just remember that the higher the resolution, the more work the TV is doing.

Pricing and availability have yet to be determined. Being an LED TV, expect to pay a tad bit more for what is likely to be a thinner frame.

Toshiba, via Engadget

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