Band-Aid shaped MP3 player is powered by your body heat

This MP3 player is extremely rudimentary with only has one button — a Play/Stop button — making it more basic than an iPod shuffle. The cool thing here though is the Skinny Player, as it's called, isn't powered by a battery. It runs off of your body heat.

The Skinny Player's designers, Chih-Wei Wang and Shou-His Fu, intend the music player to be similar to a Band-Aid. There are no clips or belt holsters, the Skinny Player sticks to your skin thanks to its flexible design.

We're not sure how sustainable the battery would be if it was solely powered by our body heat. The iPod Shuffle and Nano are already superb devices for the exercising fiend, so we suppose the amount of juice generated from a run could power something like the Skinny Player. Too bad, it's just another good concept that won't reach reality until a knock-off supplier in China sees it.

Hit up the gallery for some semi-disturbing concept renderings.

Yanko Design, via Ubergizmo

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