3D mouse could be the future of PC gaming

Mice have traditionally been two-dimensional creatures, offering an easy way to navigate around flat and boring desktops. Now that 3D is a new buzzword and everybody (and their parents) are cruising around Google Earth, it's time to take advantage of all those extra degrees of freedom.

The Axsotic 3D-Spheric-Mouse lets you control a three-dimensional object by just grabbing onto it and moving it around. The mouse itself is stationary, but that round ball in the middle is effectively free-floating. You can pull it, push it or twist it and a system of sensitive springs and magnets will translate those motions into movements in a 3D environment as panning, zooming or rotating, respectively — with a precision of over 2,000 DPI.

The 3D-Spheric-Mouse isn't really designed to replace a conventional mouse, but rather to complement one: you can use a normal mouse with one hand and a 3D mouse with the other, replacing any number of awkward keyboard shortcuts with this more intuitive interface. It'll be most useful for people who spend a lot of time in CAD environments or doing 3D modeling, but it's good for way more than that.

Just imagine the 3D gaming possibilities: fast and flexible camera control in strategy games, or the ultimate flight controller for flying games. Of course, using both this thing and a mouse at the same time would make using the keyboard difficult (generally considered important). That would be okay, though, if you could just hook yourself up to one of these instead.

Price and availability are still pending, but if you're already sold, you can sign up here for details.

Axsotic, via OhGizmo

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