Would you pay a monthly fee to view your 2D photos in 3D?

We told you that glasses-free 3D tech is going to be the new trend. Nikon seems to have gotten the memo. Its latest digital photo frame can convert 2D photos into 3D ones through its online storage service — but would you pay a monthly subscription just for that feature?

The Nikon NF-300i is a nifty little digital photo frame with an 7.2-inch 800 x 600 resolution lenticular 3D screen. No expensive 3D glasses are required for 3D viewing. Instead of storing photos on internal storage or a memory card, the NF-300i stores all your snapshots in Nikons cloud, "My Picture Town."

Sound good so far? Wait till you hear how much this digital frame costs in a year. Nikon has two options: 1) rent the frame for about $240 a year and get the magic 2D to 3D conversion bundled in or 2) cough up $25 a month ($300 for a year) for the photo conversion and buy the frame for a yet unannounced price tag. I'm not a rocket scientist, but this sounds to me like a subsidizing scheme, where its either you buy at full price and pay more over monthly installments or pay in full up front — only in this case you pay in full to rent and not to own. I'm not so sure I need the pics of my dog in the third dimension that badly.

Gizmodo, via Phandroid

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