World's fastest mobility scooter gets you to the buffet faster

Are you a senior who is always in a big rush to catch the early bird special at the Old Country Buffet? Then you should forget about those wimpy 5-mph electric scooters, and get one like this that can hit 69-mph.

Built by a guy called Colin Furze "for a laugh", he figured he could dispel the common wisdom that mobility scooters are only used by seniors to block sidewalks. So the British plumber fitted a 125cc gas engine from a motorcycle, and is now tearing up the roads around his Stamford Lincolnshire home.

Furze next goal is to hit 70-mph at a local dragstrip, to try and get an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records. The Guinness people say they will consider his entry if he can top 100-kph (about 62-mph), so this goal seems like it would be easy. Still, at those speeds I would definitely recommend a helmet, although it's got to be safer than that rocket powered shopping cart.

Daily Mail, via Gizmowatch