World Trade mosque/community center revealed with a CRAZY design

Park51, the community center and prayer space that stirred up so much controversy as the "Ground Zero Mosque," has had the curtain pulled back on its insane design. It's 13 stories of crazy, with a spiderweb-like facade that'll let in plenty of natural light.

The building will provide the area with a long list of welcome amenities including a 500-seat auditorium, performance space, theater, fitness center with a pool and court, daycare, bookstore, restaurant and culinary school, prayer area and a 9/11 memorial. Not too many details have been released by SOMA Architects (the folks behind the visuals) over what kind of green strategies are going into the design, but taking advantage of plenty of sunlight is clearly a goal.

Here's a shot of the building at its full height (click to see it larger):


And of the proposed interior:


Park51, via Inhabitat

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