Macy's magic mirror tries on clothes so you don't have to

Fashionistas take notice! Taking off all your clothes to try on new clothes is about to feel so last month. Macy's taking the entire fitting room experience and revamping it — using your reflection to try on clothes for you.

A 72-inch mirror tricked out with 1,024 multi-touch points acts as the heart of the dressing booth. The pieces of clothing you've selected show up the massive display and are then superimposed onto your reflection. You can even "flick" clothes from a separate iPad app directly to the giant mirror. How well Macy's "Magic Fitting Room" will work remains to be seen, but we wouldn't be surprised if Macy's suddenly sees more returns this holiday season than usual.

In addition to being a augmented-reality dressing experience, Macy's wants its magic mirror to be a social one as well. Photos of your virtual dress-ups can be uploaded to Facebook, via text or e-mail. How's that for self-absorbed?

Tough luck if you're not in New York City because the Magic Fitting Room will only be available at Macy's Herald Square store, with the mirror set up until November.

PR Newswire, via CNET

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