Weird radio device might get around school texting bans

Many schools ban the use of cellphones during school hours, but what if you used something that wasn't technically a cellphone?

These odd little Electronic Text Messengers are kind of like a cross between a walkie-talkie and a cellphone that can only send text messages, but with the unusual feature that they communicate directly with each other by radio instead of going out onto the cellular or 3G network. The claimed range is 600 feet, which should be just about enough to cover even a large school.

Texts are limited to paltry 40 characters, but that should be enough to let your BFF know that FWIW she should MYOB when you see each other at lunch. Up to 24 of the devices can be connected, so all of your crew can stay surreptitiously connected. One potential problem is that I doubt whether the messages are encrypted, so all the school would need to do is buy one for themselves, and then they could watch as you and your friends pass around the answers to the math test.

Best of all, is that these things only cost $17 for a pair, so even if they do get yanked by the school authorities, it's not going to be as big of a hit as losing something like your iPhone.

The Electronic Text Messengers are available now for $17 a pair.

Amazon, via MobileCrunch

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