We're a step closer to space tourism with first manned space flight

Two milestones in space tourism were made yesterday: the clean release of the VSS Enterprise, formerly known as the SpaceShipTwo, from its mothership, and for the pilots to fly and land the spaceship back to Mojave Air and Space Port.

The success of the VSS Enterprise's ability to complete all of its scheduled objectives and tests without a hitch is indeed a moment that will be remembered. The flight could very well usher in a new age for the space frontier -- one that will be passenger friendly.

Billionaire, Sir Richard Branson was said to have been very happy with the entire event, calling it "one of the most exciting days in the whole history of Virgin."

FYI, if you think taking a ride in the VSS Enterprise is going to come cheap, think again, initial tickets are expected to cost at the least $200,000 — looks like you'll have to work harder at whatever you do if you want to fulfill those dreams of going into space.

Virgin Galactic, via Techradar

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