Verizon tests 10 Gbps Internet that makes FiOS look like dial-up

Verizon's speedy FiOS service makes most Internet connections look pretty lethargic, but now they are testing a new XG-PON2 system that's about 200 times faster than the speediest current FiOS G-PON service.

I generally feel that my own Time Warner RoadRunner connection is pretty decent at around 10 Mbps, but this service swaps that "M" for a "G", meaning a 1000 fold increase in speed.

To put that in perspective, instead of streaming a movie in real time as you watch it, with this service you could transfer the entire movie to your hard disc in about four seconds. Even a fully loaded Blu-ray disc of 1080p HD cinematic wonderfulness takes less than a minute to transfer.

The implications of this kind of speed are pretty hard to wrap your brain around, but I suspect the word "buffering" will all but disappear from the English language. Check the video to see Verizon testing the system at an Elks Lodge in Massachusetts. The speed looks amazing, but alas there's no word on how long we'll have to wait for this to roll out to customers.

Via Electronista

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