Update: steampunk Iron Man costume actually the Tin Man

Remember that badass steampunk Iron Man costume that won an award at the New York ComicCon a few days ago? Well, it turns out that the guy who "made it" really just repainted a costume from a movie. Well, that's disappointing!

The suit was originally a steampunk Tin Man from the indie short film Heartless. Then the assistant to the director of the film repainted it, added some new touches and wore it to ComicCon.

The director was pretty pissed when he found out about it, but the two of them seem to be OK now. So much drama in the ComicCon! I guess all's well that end's well, and it was a pretty sweet costume, but it's still a little disappointing that some crazy guy didn't make that thing from scratch just for the heck of it.

Via Bleeding Cool

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