Underwater scooter won't make you look like James Bond

Scuba diving and jet skiing are both super fun things to do in the water, so why not roll both activities into one? That's the idea behind the HydroBOB, an underwater scooter that's supposedly easy to ride without requiring scuba diving skills.

Rather than wearing a mask with a breathing regulator, the HydroBOB has a big bubble of air just like a diving bell, so you can breathe naturally. To get on, you simply duck your head under the water, and stick it up into the bell.

That all looks like tons of fun, but there's catch. Currently, you can't buy your own HydroBOB, but you can rent one at the Aquadome in Ft Lauderdale Florida. A $25 one hour package gives you a few minutes instruction and some time with the HydroBOB in the water.

The other bummer is that it looks like you're only going to be in a swimming pool, so you can forget those images of you zooming around underwater like James Bond, fighting off stingrays and sharks with your bare hands.

Hydrodome, via Born Rich

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