Toshiba bringing glasses-free 3D TVs to Japan this December

One of the major factors keeping 3D TVs from really taking off is that nobody likes wearing 3D glasses. The solution? 3D TVs that don't require you to wear glasses. And Toshiba is about ready to start selling two such models.

Sure, these still are probably not TVs you'd actually want to, you know, buy. For one, they're insanely expensive. The 20-inch version will set you back $2,900, while the downright-dinky 12-inch version is a whopping $1,450. And while you don't need glasses to see the 3D effects, you will need to sit and watch from one of "nine distinct viewing angles," a term that makes one imagine needing to keep their head perfectly still while watching TV lest they screw up the effect.

But still, it's promising that these TVs are starting to come to market, and it should be enough to give you pause if you were considering investing in a 3D TV that would require glasses.

Via CrunchGear

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