Toshiba aims to kill 3D glasses with glasses-free 3D laptop

This year's tech trend is all about 3D TVs, movies and videogames. Next year's trend looks to still be 3D — just without the silly glasses (hello Nintendo 3DS)! Toshiba wants in on that fat pie — the Japanese consumer electronics giant is planning to release a 3D laptop that works sans glasses.

Last week, Toshiba unveiled its plans to release a glasses-free 3D TV by the end of the year. The cost for such a TV? $1,500 to $3,000 respectively for a 12-inch and 20-inch model.

Toshiba's "naked-eye" 3D laptops will reportedly use a proprietary imaging technology that will be able to provide 3D in multiple viewing angles. On top of that users can also select which specific parts of the screen they would like displayed in 3D -- almost like a 3D autofocus.

The 3-D laptops will of course be sold under its Dynabook brand with 12-inch laptops being released first. Pricing has not been issued, but if these laptops are anywhere as expensive as their TV counterparts, then Toshiba may be in for bumpy ride. Toshiba hopes to have the first batch of naked-eye 3D laptops out by next year.

IT Media, via Crunchgear

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