Think your laptop is tough? This one's built to survive a war

For something that's designed to be hauled around, most laptops have pretty flimsy construction. So when the US Army needs laptops that can withstand life on the battle lines, they tend to go to a military hardware specialist like VT Miltope.

While details are kind of sketchy, (I guess they're only divulged on a need to know basis), VT Miltope's new lineup of computers being introduced at this week's AUSA meeting in Washington, looks ready to withstand a direct hit from an incoming insurgent attack.

Built to pass the military's brutal MIL-STD-810F durability standards, the RLC-3 laptop can survive 26 drops from 3-ft in any orientation, and is protected against water, dust, rain, fungus, EMP (electromagnetic pulse), explosive impact, and lightning strikes. Let me know if your Panasonic Toughbook can do that.

VT Miltope doesn't generally sell to the public, but perhaps you can scope them out if you head over to the AUSA (Association of the US Army) meeting through Wednesday.

PR Newswire, via Gearlog

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