Star Wars travel posters return you to a galaxy far, far away

Looking to book an exotic vacation this year? Unfortunately, you can't physically go to any of these places, but Steve Thomas's awesome callback to early 20th century travel art using Star Wars locales is certainly a little mind trip.

What's crazier still is that Thomas has been hiding these gems for two years, according to his blog:

These were done in association with a website in order to have them printed. That website is still working on making that a reality. I'm crossing my fingers for a quick resolve. So, for now they are just here to look at.

If I was that website? I'd get those prints rolling on these classy posters and slap a price on 'em. Also, it's probably only because I rode the ride a million times as a kid, but is anyone getting a Star Tours feel, despite the retro trappings?

Steve Thomas, via Neatorama

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