Spring-loaded sneaker gets banned from the NBA

Meet the second sneaker to get banned from the NBA: the Athletic Propulsion Lab Concept 1. The first one was the Air Jordan I — banned over 25 years ago. Not everyone can be like Michael Jordan, leaping over everyone and driving it to the hoop. With the ban on the sneaker, the NBA is going to make sure the game stays fair.

The sneaker was banned because of its seizure-inducing green color. Okay, I made that part up, but the APLC1 was banned because it contains a "spring-based system that is designed to increase vertical lift." ACPL1's can provide air of up to 3.5-inches more than regular sneakers. Sounds like moon boots to me.

The NBA provided the following statement, "under league rules, players may not wear any shoe during a game that creates an undue competitive advantage."

Athletic Propulsion Lab co-founder Adam Goldston said that he was not shocked to hear the NBA decided to ban his company's sneaker. Well, no duh — you can't hide sneakers that help you cheat.

Yahoo!, via Nice Kicks

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