Self Balancing Unicycle is like a Segway for the cool kids

If you've been considering a Segway, but are a bit worried about how silly you'll look standing there like Lord of the Dorks, then consider a self-balancing unicycle where you can sit down as you ride.

We've seen the SBU (Self Balancing Unicycle) before, but now they've made a lot of improvements to create this Mark 2 version. The motor has been moved to inside the hub, eliminating the greasy drive chain while lowering the center of gravity for added stability. They've also pumped up the battery's capacity, so that it now has a 12 mile range at up to 10-mph.

The rest of the SBU remains much the same as before, with a pair of foot pegs instead of pedals, and an intuitive control system that's supposedly easy to master in just a few minutes.

My only concern is that this will just bring a whole new type of geekiness to our sidewalks. The "Look at me, I'm so clever I don't need two stinkin' wheels" type of rider.

The SBU-V2.0 will start shipping next month for the same $1,500 price as the older version.

Focus Designs, via Wired Gadget Lab

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