Robotic suit gives you super strength without the super workout

Robots are supposed to make our lives easier or at least that's what their inventors say. How would you like to gain super strength without touching any dumbbells at all? Panasonic's Activelink robot venture has you covered.

Panasonic's developed an "exoskeleton" robot dubbed the Power Loader Light that when worn can augment human strength. The wearer can lift up to 220-pounds of goodies. The robot can also boost the power of the legs up to 88-pounds.

What's ironic about the name is that the robotic suit is anything but light — it weighs about 84-pounds.

Like most robots, the Power Loader Light is pricey. It'll cost about $233,000 and won't be available until at least 2015. Is the jumpsuit included or is it sold separately?

Plastic Pals, via Gizmowatch

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