Robotic fish bowl car lets the world watch as you travel

Cars that can drive themselves have been the stuff of science fiction stories for decades, but now it's starting to look like they might actually happen. The Guardian is designer John Bukasa's concept of how a vehicle might look, once we've been freed from the chore of actually having to operate it.

With seating for seven, The Guardian is as big as a minivan, but puts everyone in sideways facing benches so you can face each other and talk like you're in your living room. A large touch screen display running down the middle of the car lets you watch movies or play games, while also operating as the interface for the navigation and information systems.

The Guardian is powered by electric motors in each wheel hub, and these can be steered independently allowing the vehicle to turn on the spot. With no difference between the ends, so simply reversing direction doesn't involve turning at all. Power for The Guardian comes from lithium-ion batteries supplemented by solar panels.

While this all looks pretty cool and really isn't as far fetched as you might think, I wonder why we have to ride around in what looks like a big glass fishbowl? People tend to want privacy as they ride in their cars, that's why so many minivans and SUVs have dark windows in the rear. Imagine if you're riding through town in your Guardian with the big game on the huge screen. Wouldn't pedestrians be staring in as you pass to get a glimpse of the game? Perhaps some glass that could be made opaque at the touch of a button would do the trick.

Via Yanko Design

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