Retro rotary-dial cellphone concept hides a brilliant idea

Rotary phones may have gone out with bell-bottom jeans, but that's not going to stop Raymond Bessemer from coming up with this concept for a rotary dial cellphone called Jot for Samsung.

Texting on those circular buttons wouldn't be too easy, so Bessemer has included a touchpad and stylus as part of the OLED display, so you can simply 'Jot' down notes and texts.

Now for the brilliant idea: When I first saw the Jot I thought the dial looked kind of like a keyring. Why not make it mandatory to have your car key attached to your phone when you're in your car, making it impossible to text or hold the phone next to your ear while driving? You could still use something like a Bluetooth earpiece, making it legal in states with a cellphone use while driving ban. Just a thought.

The Samsung Jot is only a concept for now.

Coroflot, via Geeky Gadgets

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