Fancy pen made from actual Apollo spaceship parts and moon dust

If you ever wished you had just a tiny piece of actual moon rock, this geeky dream pen from Swiss watch maker Romain Jerome could be your big chance.

Created as part of their DNA Collection, the MoonFighter pen includes tiny bits of crushed metal from an Apollo spacecraft, along with a minute sprinkling of actual moon dust.

The press release talks about using pieces from Apollo II, but any space geek knows that there was no Apollo II, so I suppose they mean the big one, Apollo 11, which included the first moon landing. This makes sense seeing as the press release calls the pen a tribute to Buzz Aldrin's use of his own pen to flip a broken circuit breaker, allowing them to take off from the moon's surface.

Now I'm pretty sure that NASA doesn't exactly hand out big chunks of Apollo 11 and space dust to anyone, so this must be a truly tiny amount of actual lunar material after they've stretched it out over the 2664 MoonFighter pens Romain Jerome plans to build. Still, I'm sure that won't stop some rich super geeks from wanting one for themselves.

Personally, I think the thing looks kind of sexually suggestive (paging Dr Freud)!

Romain Jerome, via CrunchGear

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