Stunning carbon fiber bike comes with a crushing $96k price tag

Cool looking motorcycles are nothing new here at Dvice, but few have managed to combine cutting-edge high-tech design with a dark and menacing presence quite as effectively as the Renard GT.

Estonia isn't exactly the first country that most people think of when it comes to state-of-the-art motorcycles, but it turns out that Renard is actually an old pre-WWII brand that's being revived kind of like the way VW brought back the Bugatti nameplate.

With a 1.2-liter quad-valve V-twin sourced from Moto-Guzzi, the Renard isn't just for show with no go, and its light weight carbon fiber construction gives it an impressive power to weight ratio. For example, the entire carbon fiber monocoque body weighs a mere 24-lbs despite being much stiffer than a traditional frame. Adding to the quality, and expense, Renard fabricates most of the aluminum parts from solid billets, rather than using more common casting or forging.

Production is slated to start next year, so millionaires can start lining up now.

Renard Motorcycles, via Gizmag

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